August 5, 6, & 7, 2011

Kenai Peninsula Fairgrounds


The nonprofit Renewable Resources Foundation (RRF) is promoting this three-day music salmon event as a forum for information on Alaska wild salmon resources. (You may know the foundation as the source of those “No Pebble” stickers.) The RRF, an activist nonprofit organization that has been involved in efforts to stop the proposed Pebble project, is based in Anchorage. Its website says the group is “dedicated to the continued protection of our commercial, sport, and subsistence fisheries, as well as maintaining Alaska’s renowned hunting and fishing heritage.”

Event musicians include Pamyua and the New Stuyahok Dancers. Also at the event: an information center stocked with information and presentations regarding Alaska wild salmon and their habitat ( Funds from the event will go to support other RRF outreach efforts, organizers say.