Remaining partner outlines investor requirements, states Pebble case at resource conference

Northern Dynasty Minerals (NDM) President Ron Thiessen told attendees of the Alaska Resource Development Council (RDC) conference that the Canadian mining company is actively looking for a new investor in the Pebble project now that Anglo American has withdrawn.

No decisions will be made on timing for going to permitting until that investor is identified, said Thiessen. He noted that the permitting paperwork is 90% complete and that “we’ll be ready to go.” He also outlined characteristics that a new investor must have, including:

  • financial resources
  • technical capabilities
  • experience operating in the United States
  • commitment to environmental stewardship and working in partnership with communities
  • a shared vision to develop the Pebble resource in full partnership with Alaska Native corporations and communities

Earlier in the day, Pebble Limited Partnership (PLP) CEO John Shively had presented his case for how the Pebble project could benefit the people of Bristol Bay, saying that he was initially interested in working for PLP because of his desire to help create jobs in Alaska.

News article from Alaska Dispatch on Thiessen’s presentation. 

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