Pebble Mine in the News: September 27

To help keep readers up-to-date, Pebble Watch offers regular roundups of news articles related to the proposed Pebble Mine. First topic this week: Coverage from a national science conference in Dillingham, where Pebble Watch also happened to be last week (see news item, below, and the picture at right.)

“Alaska Senate President discusses the Pebble mine” (September 26, 2011 – KDLG radio)

KDLG radio has posted a story featuring participants at the 2011 Arctic Science Conference last week in Dillingham. Reporter Mike Mason’s eight-and-a-half minute story includes comments from Gary Stevens, President, Alaska State Senate; Rick Halford, President, Trout Unlimited; John Shively, CEO, Pebble Limited Partnership; and Tom Crafford, Director, Department of Natural Resources Office of Project Management & Permitting.

The story notes that the Pebble Partnership’s Environmental Baseline Documents may be released by the end of this year, with permitting not scheduled for another year and a half.

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“BBNC Participates in Mining Panel, Presentations at AAAS Arctic Science Conference” (September 27, 2011 – has posted a news release about its participation in a mining-related science panel and presentations last week, as part of a national science conference at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Bristol Bay Campus for the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Arctic Division.

The release also mentions the PebbleWatch team, which submitted and presented a poster about its educational efforts through web and print media. The team’s poster was submitted and accepted through the conference’s poster submittal process, which scientists and other academics often use to communicate with one another about their work.

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