Pebble CEO says mine plan ready, waiting for a partner

Following are some highlights from a recent interview between Dillingham’s KDLG radio and Pebble Limited Partnership CEO Tom Collier, who spoke about EPA, PLP’s plans for future and the search for a new investor. The interview is about 50 minutes long.

Mine plan/permitting status: A mine plan is ready, but any new partner would want to review and modify it, so PLP will wait to submit any permitting documents until a new investor is found.

Search for a new investor: PLP is in discussion with “a handful of major mining companies.”

EPA’s 404(c) process: Northern Dynasty Minerals has submitted several legal, policy, and scientific arguments against EPA’s process; PLP is “ready to litigate” if 404(c) is used to block development.

Watershed Assessment: Based on documents authored by mine opponents, PLP believes the study findings were pre-determined.

EPA investigation: PLP has called for EPA to investigate the Watershed Assessment/404(c) process. PLP says documents and emails show clearly the agency set out to veto the development before the study began.

Choice between mining & fish?: If there is a choice between mining and fish, said Collier, fish win. However, he believes that the technology exists to mine without substantial risk.

“It’s not science, it’s data.” Regarding the studies that have already been conducted in support of the permitting process, Collier said there’s a “big difference” between science and data. He said PLP is “just counting fish” – that the studies are a collection of data that is verifiable.

Listen to the full interview.