Participating in the EPA Watershed Assessment Process

Watershed Assessment Comments

The U.S. EPA is still taking written comments on its draft Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment. The deadline is July 23, so you have a few weeks left to review the assessment, gather your thoughts and submit your message.

Peer Review Panel

Also, the 12-member Peer Review panel will be meeting in Anchorage August 7-9 and some of their proceedings will be open to the public. Details for the location and times will be published by the EPA in early July.

  • Tuesday, August 7, public may address the Peer Review panel
  • Wednesday, August 8, public may view deliberations but may not participate
  • Thursday, August 9, last Peer Review panel meeting, not open to public
  • September – responses from Peer Review team will be posted on the EPA web site

Members of the panel include:

  • Mr. David Atkins, Watershed Environmental, LLC.-Expertise in mining and hydrology.
  • Mr. Steve Buckley, WHPacific/NANA Alaska-Expertise in mining and seismology.
  • Dr. Courtney Carothers-Expertise in indigenous Alaskan cultures.
  • Dr. Dennis Dauble, Washington State University-Expertise in fisheries biology and wildlife ecology.
  • Dr. Gordon Reeves, USDA Pacific NW Research Station-Expertise in fisheries biology and aquatic biology.
  • Dr. Charles Slaughter, University of Idaho-Expertise in hydrology.
  • Dr. John Stednick, Colorado State University-Expertise in hydrology and biogeochemistry.
  • Dr. Roy Stein, Ohio State University-Expertise in fisheries and aquatic biology.
  • Dr. William Stubblefield, Oregon State University-Expertise in aquatic biology and ecotoxicology.
  • Dr. Dirk van Zyl, University of British Columbia-Expertise in mining and biogeochemistry.
  • Dr. Phyllis Weber Scannel-Expertise in aquatic ecology and ecotoxicology.
  • Dr. Paul Whitney-Expertise in wildlife ecology and ecotoxicology.