Northern Dynasty Board restructures, loses six seasoned Directors

In July 2015, NDM shareholders approved the election of nine Board members, all of whom had served the company between five and 20 years. By February 2016, six of those Board members had resigned.

In February, NDM announced that it had restructured its Board and reduced the number of Directors. Earlier in 2015, NDM acquired Cannon Point Resources and Mission Gold as part of its financing strategy, with Board members from those companies joining the NDM Board. Consequently, more than half of NDM’s current Board of Directors have fewer than six months’ experience with the company.

NDM Board Members

 Joined NDM BoardSpecialtyNote
Robert Dickinson, Executive Chairman2004Project development 
Ron Thiessen, President and CEO2001Corporate development 
Ken Pickering2013Engineering, mining development 
Gordon KeepOct 2015Geologist, investment banking, natural resource companiesCannon Point board member
Marcel de GrootDec 2015Accounting, venture capitalMission Gold board member
Desmond BalakrishnanDec 2015Attorney, mergers and acquisitions 
David de WittFeb 2016Corporate/securities law, venture capitalMission Gold board member
Steven DeckerMarch 2016Financial analyst, portfolio manager 


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