New Pebble Watch guide covers science, permitting and public input

Pebble Watch has compiled some of its most relevant articles and fact sheets from the last two years into one comprehensive publication. The Pebble Watch Guide is a resource for readers who want to understand more about the permitting process, public input opportunities and scientific topics related to the development of the proposed Pebble mine.

The Pebble Watch Guide is available in a convenient online magazine format (no need to download a PDF) and in hard copy by request to List of topics:

About Bristol Bay

History and culture, subsistence, economy

World-class fishery


Influence of salmon

Land & tourism

About the proposed Pebble Mine

Who, what, why, when, where

The deposit

Mine design and construction

Permitting process

Permitting claims

Studying the environment

Bristol Bay studies

Peer review

EPA Watershed Assessment

Watershed assessment overview

PLP studies

Environmental Baseline Document

Keystone dialogue process

Soil & sediment

Geotechnical & seismic studies



Water quality


Water interactions

Fish & aquatic invertebrates

Fish habitat

Visual resources & recreation

Importance of landscape

Learn more

Adding your voice/public input

Pebble mine debate