Last Chance to Comment on DEIS for Pebble mine

Today Alaskans are celebrating summer solstice, when we have the most daylight of the year. While days are long, time is short to get your public comment in on the Pebble Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). The deadline July 1 at midnight Alaska Time.

What’s the big deal?
If you are interested in the outcome of the Pebble Limited Partnership’s application for a 404 permit through the U.S. Corps of Engineers, this is your chance to weigh in.

But the Corps is not looking for a “Pebble’s great” or “Deny Pebble” comment on the DEIS. Those comments get put in the “Thanks for responding” file.

Substantive comments provide valuable feedback and information to the Corps as it works toward a Final Environmental Impact Statement – estimated to be published in early 2020. There will be no additional public input opportunity related to the 404 permit after Monday, July 1. (We will keep you apprised of any other opportunities on the state or local level that come up, but so far the Pebble Project has not submitted any of those permit applications.)

So in between barbecues, hikes, fishing, and soaking up the sun, take some time to review the DEIS and submit a comment. The Corps is looking for feedback in four areas: 

1) purpose and need of the proposed project
2) proposed alternatives
3) assessment of the environmental impacts of those alternatives 
4) mitigation to further avoid or minimize impacts

Happy Solstice – and Happy Reading and Commenting!

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