Keystone Center dialogue on “Geology, Geochemistry, Hydrology, and Water Quality”

The Keystone Center has assembled a series of independent science panels to help stakeholders understand and evaluate baseline studies and a proposed mining plan. Independent science panels will be assembled from academic institutions, government research agencies, and non-governmental organizations that engage in objective scientific studies.

The Independent Science Panel event on “Geology and Geochemistry” which will take place in Anchorage, Alaska at the UAA Consortium Library, Room 307. This event will be held the morning of October 3, 2012. The second half of the day will cover the Hydrology and Water Quality Studies.  

The event will be filmed by 360 North and streamed through a live online broadcast. Participants in remote areas may submit questions and comments by email during the events. An online registration link will be activated an can be accessed at For additional information contact Todd Bryan at