First Independent Review presented at Keystone Center Meeting

Pebble Watch members were in attendance at the much-anticipated December 3 forum focusing on contentious environmental and scientific issues surrounding the proposed Pebble mine. The day-long discussion focused on responsible large-scale mining and global perspectives.

The Keystone Center, a non-profit organization located in Keystone, Colorado, was contracted by the Pebble Partnership to conduct several independent science panels and review the Pebble project. Panel members touched on many topics over the course of the day. The five panelist’s presentations have been posted online at Keystone’s website at the following links:

Sustainable Development and Large-Scale Mining: Twelve Challenges

The Social Dimensions of Large-Scale Mining: A Global Industry Perspective

Standards for Large-Scale Mining: What Communities Need to Know

Environmental Standards for Responsible Mining

Designing a Mine that Contributes to Sustainable Development

Keystone opened the meeting by addressing concerns about the contract between their company and the Pebble Partnership. Keystone pointed to its solid track record of maintaining independence from clients while conducting work. In addition, panel members served without compensation, except for modest travel expenses.

The goals of the upcoming panels are to help community members evaluate the extensive environmental and socioeconomic reports and studies conducted by the Pebble Partnership.

Read more about the Keystone Center here.

The next Keystone event has been tentatively scheduled for March, but a date has not yet been set. Check back with our Calender if you are interested in more information or attending one of the upcoming panel forums.