Exploring Pebble’s Environmental Baseline Document

Last week Pebble Limited Partnership (PLP) released its Environmental Baseline Document (EBD) to the public and also held meetings to provide an overview of the contents for various agencies.  The EBD is available online now and videos of the agency presentations will be posted to www.pebblepartnership.com within the next two weeks. We’ll add a link to our site as soon as those are available.

Exploring the EBD

Visit www.pebbleresearch.com to review the EBD. You’ll find a Table of Contents, overviews of each chapter, and a PDF of the entire chapter available for download. (PLP reports that the entire document is too large for a single download). As you browse through the document and then dive in, keep in mind that Pebble Watch welcomes questions you may have about the findings and how they may tie into the permitting process. Send a question or comment to Pebble Watch.