EPA public meetings in New Stuyahok and Nondalton on proposed Bristol Bay restrictions

Members of the public can comment in person on EPA’s Proposed Determination – a document that details its recommended restrictions on large-scale mining at the Pebble deposit in Bristol Bay.

The New Stuyahok and Nondalton public meetings are scheduled for 5 pm on August 13.

New Stuyahok: Cetuyaraq Community Center

Nondalton: Nondalton Community Center

Additional meetings will be held in these communities:

Anchorage: Tuesday, August 12 at 2pm
Egan Center

Kokhanok: Thursday, August 14, 5pm
Community Center

Dillingham: Thursday, August 14 at 5:30 pm
Middle School Gymnasium

Iliamna: Friday, August 15 at 12pm
Community Center

Igiugig: Friday, August 15 at 12pm
Tribal Hall

Questions to consider

EPA has provided the following questions to consider for those wishing to provide comments:

  • Do you think the Proposed Determination should be recommended and finalized? Why or why not?
  • Do you have additional information on potential impacts on the North Fork Koktuli River, South Fork Koktuli River and Upper Talarik Creek watersheds, and downstream reaches of the Nushagak and Kvichak Rivers resulting from mining of the Pebble deposit?  Specifically information about:

    • Fish and other ecological resources
    • Water quality, flora, fauna and hydrology
    • Wildlife species
    • Recreation
    • Drinking water
  • Can you suggest potential mitigation actions that could compensate for the damage caused by mining the Pebble deposit?
  • Should the discharge of dredged or fill material be completely prohibited, restricted as proposed, restricted in another manner or not restricted at all at this time?