Got technical (or traditional) data? EPA wants to know…

A reminder that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has posted a call for information on its Region 10 website in order to collect additional information in support of its Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment. According to the website, technical data or site-specific studies would provide additional knowledge about area resources and help the EPA understand the effect that future development might have.

Types of studies requested would be related to:

* Shellfish and fishery areas
* Municipal water supplies
* Wildlife
* Recreation
* Subsistence and cultural information

The Pebble Watch team also asked EPA what role Traditional Ecological Knowledge will play in its watershed assessment. Their response:

“EPA is learning about traditional ecological knowledge through interviews with tribal elders and culture bearers, learning about their perception of the role of salmon in the physical, cultural and mental health of the people. The traditional ecological knowledge section of the watershed assessment will include gathered information on the social and spiritual aspects of salmon harvest, preparation and sharing. The traditional ecological knowledge will also include case studies for salmon-dependent native communities that have experienced significant environmental changes.”

If you know of technical data, a study, or cultural information that might be helpful, please contact Senior Management Lead Richard Parkin ( at 206-553-8574 or 800-424-4372, extension 8574.