BBNC video on Responsible Resource Development

‘Pebble-Watch’-watchers may appreciate viewing the recently produced Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC) video on responsible land and resource development, which has already been shown at some Pebble Watch meetings and other BBNC functions.

“Responsible Development: Our People, Our Land, Our Companies,” explores BBNC’s responsible development land-use policy. It features BBNC leaders and shareholders discussing the story of the past, present and future of the company and development of BBNC-owned lands in Southwest Alaska. Communities mentioned include Togiak and Kokhanok.

Though not about the mine project specifically, the video was inspired in part by many of the questions and conversations that have come up regarding the corporation’s stance on Pebble Mine, confirms BBNC Communications Coordinator Amy DeBruhl. “We realized it is also a consistent way to showcase our views to the public,” she says.

Land & Resources Manager Tiel Smith, who was among those interviewed, says the video “reflects very well just how thoughtful we have to be—and are being—as a people, as a region and as a corporation, as we confront the complexities that come with potential development.”

In addition to showing the video at shareholder meetings, BBNC plans to mail out DVDs to village corporations and tribal councils and show it on GCI Channel 1 later this year. The video was produced by BBNC and Alaska Channel, and it is available to view at the BBNC website.