BBNC Brings Responsible Development Message to London

Pebble Watch is in London this week, along with Bristol Bay Native Corporation Board Director Russell Nelson, who is bringing BBNC’s message of responsible development–and opposition to the proposed Pebble Mine–to the annual shareholders’ meeting of Anglo American plc. Anglo invested just over $1.4 billion to become a 50-percent partner in the project in 2007.

The BBNC Board Director is attending the April 21 annual general meeting to deliver BBNC’s message that Pebble Mine does not meet the corporation’s definition of responsible resource development, said BBNC Land & Resources manager Tiel Smith. Smith and Nelson each purchased a share in order to have a voice at the meeting. They have also been invited to a personal meeting with Anglo executives.

At the meeting, shareholders are given the opportunity to put questions to members of Anglo American’s board and executive management. Delegations from Alaska have attended for at least the past two years to express concerns about the mine project. This is BBNC’s first year; however, the company has held previous meetings with  company executives, said Smith.

At last year’s meeting, company chairman Sir John Parker said he understood the concerns over the project: “Our bottom line remains that, if the project cannot be designed in a way that provides the proper protections for Alaska’s fisheries and wildlife, or to the livelihoods of Alaskan communities, then it shouldn’t be built,” he said.

Most recently, Anglo American CEO Cynthia Carroll spoke before the Resource Development Council in Anchorage this March. (Video)