“Bristol Bay Forever Initiative”

“Bristol Bay Forever” is a public initiative that voters approved in November 2014. It requires legislative approval in order to develop a large-scale metallic sulfide mine within the Bristol Bay Fisheries Reserve.

Opponents of the initiative have said they will bring legal challenges to “Bristol Bay Forever,” contending that it is unconstitutional. See this PebbleWatch article or review proponent/opponent arguments in the “Alaska Common Ground” section below.


Proposed Bill Language

Attorney General Review of Petition

Language that appeared on the Ballot

Alaska Common Ground Forum

In August 2014, Alaska Common Ground featured “Bristol Bay Forever” in a debate series on public initiatives. Video/audio and original presentations from that debate are posted at the Alaska Common Ground website.

Video: Bristol Bay Forever public debate (courtesy Alaska Commons)

Audio: Bristol Bay Forever public debate (courtesy Alaska Integrated Media)

Edited audio version (Alaska Public.org)

Moderator Dick Mylius presentation

“Yes” advocate Anders Gustafson presentation

Opponent Deantha Crockett presentation

Opponent Richard Hughes presentation