2013 amendments finalized for Bristol Bay Area Plan

The State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR) released a final version of  its Plan Amendment to the 2005 Bristol Bay Area Plan. The plan classifies land use over a 12.7 million acre area in the Bristol Bay region. Along with release of the final amendment, DNR provided documents detailing its responses to public input on the draft version, which attracted nearly 500 public comments. Readers will also find charts that compare land classifications between the 2005 plan, the 2013 public review draft amendment and the 2013 final amendment.

Persons affected by the 2013 Plan Amendment for the Bristol Bay Area Plan have until September 25, 2013 to request a reconsideration of the changes by writing to the State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources. The plan amendment was finalized on September 5, 2013, after a public review of the draft amendment.

Read the September 5, 2013 Final Bristol Bay Area Plan.

See a list of DNR responses to issues brought up during public review.

See a list of changes made to the public review draft.

Details for requesting a reconsideration.