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June 2013


Pebble Watch has compiled some of its most relevant articles and fact sheets from 2011-2013 into one comprehensive publication. The Pebble Watch Guide is a resource for readers who want to understand more about the permitting process, public input opportunities and scientific topics related to the development of the proposed Pebble mine.


January 2013

PW Jan2013 thumb

Permitting for Pebble: What is the permitting process? Where is the mine plan? How can members of the public give input? Pebble Watch interviews Pebble Limited Partnership's Mike Heatwole and Alaska Department of Natural Resources' Sharon Stambaugh for the details.





October 2012



In this issue, Pebble Watch focuses on the Keystone Center science panels convening this month, providing readers with information about the organization facilitating the panels and how they were put together. An article on data sharing addresses why scientists need access to raw data when reviewing scientific documents.


July 2012

Pebble Watch explores the connection between Bristol Bay cultures, fish and water, and lists potential risks of large-scale copper mining to the Bristol Bay fishery.





April 2012

This issue of Pebble Watch's Give and Take newsletter focuses on public input and how it can affect policy. It includes articles on how to find out about public input opportunities, and tips on presenting effective comments. The printed version included an insert: Pebble Watch Explores: Environmental Baseline Document.



March 2012

Pebble Watch explores the topics of landscape, recreation and recreational tourism in this issue, which includes an edition of our educational supplement, Give and Take.

Try your hand at a parks/refuge matching quiz, read a description of new reports on Visual Resources and Recreation from the  Pebble Limited Partnership, and find out what visitors have to say about Bristol Bay.

December 2011

dec2012newsimageThis issue focuses on a frequently asked question using documents currently available for readers to examine online. These include Northern Dynasty Minerals' 2011 Preliminary Assessment and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's draft conceptual diagrams prepared for its ongoing Bristol Bay watershed assessment. Pebble Watch also explores a question the EPA is asking during the watershed assessment: "Is the Bristol Bay salmon fishery the world-class fishery it is depicted to be?"

September 2011

Give and Take 0911

The Pebble Watch team has developed a new publication that provides educational content for both youth and elders. The supplement, which we're calling Pebble Watch Give and Take, offers articles, games, and interactive opportunities for readers to participate in a conversation about the culture of Bristol Bay and responsible resource development.

The first issue of Pebble Watch Give and Take was included as an insert to the Bristol Bay Native Corporation newsletter, mailed to shareholders last week. Readers can also access it online.

Highlights from our first issue:

  • What do you know about the importance of biodiversity in Bristol Bay? Read all about it.
  • How many different ways can you think of to say "chum" salmon? Take our quiz.
  • Have you ever made King Salmon Tail Akutaq? Try the recipe.
  • What colors are the five different kinds of salmon found in Bristol Bay? Show off your artistic ability with a cool coloring page.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

July 2011

072011_pebblewatchThis issue provides information related to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) ongoing watershed assessment for the Bristol Bay region and how EPA can influence the permitting process, why watersheds are important, links to watershed educational resources, and a summary of EPA's visit to Bristol Bay to hear resident's watershed concerns


Educational Resources About Watersheds

June 2011



This issue explores groundwater hydrology, including the hydrologic cycle, groundwater modeling, how groundwater and surface water interact, and an overview of the Pebble Partnership's data releases: "Report Series C: Surficial Geology" and "Report Series D: Groundwater Hydrology." (Note: This version corrects a caption to the photo on page three. The printed version references the photo as Upper Talarik creek, when in fact it is in the Upper Talarik watershed.)


February 2011




This issue focuses on the Pebble Partnership's data release "Report Series F: Surface Water & Groundwater Quality," an overview of surface water and groundwater quality data collected between 2004 and 2007 in the Pebble Project deposit area, Iliamna Lake and along the proposed transportation corridor. We present a summary of the report, explain how the data relates to permitting, highlight some water quality issues related to mining, and supply answers to questions community members first asked Pebble developers in 2005.


October 2010



This issue examines the Pebble Partnership's data release "Report Series A: Meteorology," an overview of meteorological data collected between 2005 and 2007 in areas near the Pebble deposit and proposed port sites. We summarize the report, explain how the data will be significant for permitting, and provide a focused look at wind data collected by the two meteorological stations closest to the deposit site. Our science team also supplies some answers to questions community members first asked Pebble developers in 2005.

August 2010


This first issue of Pebble Watch focuses on "Report Series E: Trace Elements (Sediments & Soils)," an overview of soil and sediment sampling, 2004-2007 at the proposed sites of the Pebble mine, port and transportation corridor. Inside, our team summarizes the results for copper and arsenic, and shows how the data may begin to answer questions community members first asked Pebble developers in 2005.

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