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Please note: This site references the Pebble Watch educational initiative regarding development of the proposed Pebble mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska. We are unaffiliated with the company that produces the wristwatch called "Pebble." Please go to www.getpebble.com if you need to contact that company.

Credit card fraud: We have been contacted by several individuals who report seeing unfamiliar charges on their credit cards referencing "Pebble Watch." If you have a similar problem, please contact your credit card company directly to report unusual activity on your account. Our program is a fact-based educational initiative. We do not sell any products or services, and do not bill to credit cards.

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Other information:

Want to track the development of the proposed Pebble mine? Submit this form to be added to our mailing list. If you have a question about science, public input options, permitting, or related studies such as the EPA watershed assessment, submit your question here. The Pebble Watch team will consider your input as it works on future stories.