01 May 2013

Participating in the Keystone Center panels

The final series of Keystone Center science panels will be held in Anchorage on May 6 and 7. These panels are designed to give the public an opportunity to attend a discussion related to information presented in the Pebble Limited Partnership's (PLP) Environmental Baseline Document (EBD), released in January 2012.

Can I attend the science panels?

Yes. Members of the public can register to attend in person, but availability is limited. (Register online or call 866- 276-3074.) Panels will also be webcast online. Visit the Keystone Center web site on May 6 and May 7 to view the proceedings live. During the panels, members of the public will have opportunities to ask questions, either in person or by email.

Who are the panelists?

Panelists are independent scientists with experience in the fields related to the panel topics. They have volunteered to review the EBD chapters and participate in the panels. View panelist bios.

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