EPA extends timeframe for next step in 404(c) process

404cExtensionCiting the time it would take to review thousands of public comments submitted in response to a Proposed Determination to restrict dredge/fill disposal in the Pebble deposit area of Bristol Bay, Alaska, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced Thursday that it is extending the typical timeframe for the next stage in the 404(c) process initiated in February 2014.

Typically, once public hearings are complete, EPA has 30 days to either withdraw the Proposed Determination or finalize a Recommended Determination, which is then submitted to EPA headquarters in Washington, D.C., (see our chart of the entire 404(c) process).

According to EPA's announcement:

"EPA believes that more time is necessary to adequately review and consider the many thousands of comments we have received. In order to allow full consideration of the extensive administrative record, including public comments, we are extending the time period to withdraw the Proposed Determination or to prepare the Recommended Determination until no later than February 4, 2015."

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Notice of extension (Federal Register)

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EPA Proposed Determination

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