Anglo American officially out

Northern Dynasty Minerals (NDM) announced today that its partnership with mining giant Anglo American is officially over, with NDM reacquiring 100% of the Pebble prospect.

With Anglo and its funding out, NDM is hoping to find a new investor next year. In preparation, the company is working on a "data room" to consolidate all the "technical data, engineering work and permitting documentation related to Pebble." NDM is also working on final permitting paperwork and expects it will be ready to go in the first quarter of 2014. Northern Dynasty reports that its Board of Directors will make a final decision on filing the permit in 2014.

NDM CEO Ron Thiessen has recently stated that a potential investor must have the following characteristics:

  • financial resources
  • technical capabilities
  • experience operating in the United States
  • commitment to environmental stewardship and working in partnership with communities
  • a shared vision to develop the Pebble resource in full partnership with Alaska Native corporations and communities.
NDM has also stated that it is prepared to go into the permitting stage on its own if it does not attract a qualified investor.

Read the full release from Northern Dynasty Minerals.

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